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About us

Who are we?

LACTIMA JSC is a producer of dairy products, a leader on the Bulgarian market. The history of the company dates back to 1957 as a dairy in Veliko Tarnovo. A few years later in 1962 the enterprise became a division of the Dairy Industry Economic Association - Sofia. Over the years, the company has changed its name twice. First of the "Dairy Industry - Veliko Tarnovo", and in 1991. of "Serdika - Veliko Tarnovo". From March 1, 1994. the former state-owned dairy company has a new name, Lactima. Since 1996 the company started its modern development and has been producing quality, traditional and complete dairy products for 30 years.

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During all these years, the main goal of the company is to preserve the traditions in the production of yogurt, milk and ayran. Following this goal, Lactima JSC is the first company to introduce the industrial production of traditional Bulgarian ayran, which leads to a leading position on the Bulgarian market. All products of the company are offered on the Bulgarian and international market under the trademark "Lactima Balkan". It is the long history and the team of professionals that makes Lactima JSC a company with experience and traditions that are constantly evolving and improving.

We stick to quality

Over the years LACTIMA JSC has managed to build its image of a responsible and enterprising company that preserves the Bulgarian tradition in the preparation of yogurt, strictly complies with European requirements for modern and nature-friendly production and is constantly improving with the introduction of technological innovations, but they are in order to preserve the quality and traditional Bulgarian taste of the products.

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Up to the present moment, the company fulfills all the requirements of the European standards, namely: good manufacturing practices (GMP), it is certified according to IFS, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000, and it is categorized 1st category of dairy plant, with the right to free trade within the EU. LACTIMA JSC also has a certificate for organic production, which allows us to produce organic dairy products.

Our products

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LACTIMA JSC are proud of our products, created with care for your health. The milk we use is of the highest quality because we work with proven suppliers of raw milk that meet high European standards. Before reception, the milk goes through a number of quality tests, then it is distributed for processing and packaging of your favorite fresh and sour milks, ayran, yogurt drinks and desserts. Each of our products reaches you in a protected and safe commercial packaging, without violating its refrigeration regime on the road, so you can enjoy the taste as you like it. We are Lactima Balkan, we are the masters of milk, and our products are part of your day.

Thank you for trusting us!

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