Strengthening immunity

Immunity is one of the most important factors for a person to maintain their excellent health and fitness over time.

In this sense, immunity boosting practices are not just an annoying topic that everyone is bothering you with but an essential need in terms of your health. If you take regular care to boost your body’s immunity, it will definitely bring you significant benefits and long-term benefits. Here are the main benefits and advantages of boosting immunity:

  • Lower risk of disease – strengthening the immunity in its essence means to increase the body’s defences. Protective forces that protect it from various diseases, viruses, and infections. People who have been able to effectively boost their body’s immunity are much less likely to get sick, even during critical periods (e.g. flu epidemics, etc.).
  • Faster and easier recovery – in addition to the lower risk of disease, the effective strengthening of the immunity will provide you with yet another very important advantage. If you ever get sick or infected with a virus, the healing process will be faster and easier for you. For people with weak immunity, even a common cold can be quite painful and take more than a week to heal. On the other hand, those who have successfully boosted their immunity go through similar health problems in no more than 3-4 days, and the unpleasant symptoms are minimized.
  • Better fitness and performance – by boosting immunity you will feel significantly better in your normal daily life. Whether you are in the office or elsewhere, you will be able to be focused, energetic, and in excellent shape. In such a state you will significantly increase your work capacity and effectiveness in relation to all professional and personal activities.

How do dairy products help boost immunity?

Dairy products are among the main categories of foods that are recommended to boost immunity. They help the destruction of harmful substances and toxins in your body, as well as for the better functioning of individual organs and systems. See exactly how dairy products will help boost your immunity and maintain your excellent health:

  • Probiotic content – yogurt is a food especially rich in beneficial probiotics. Probiotics generally perform important functions in terms of boosting immunity. They have the ability to neutralize harmful and toxic formations entering the human body in various ways. Thus, probiotics take care of strengthening your immunity and in the long run protect you from some very serious diseases.
  • Calcium for the bones – increasing the strength of the skeletal system is an important step towards overall strengthening of immunity. For this step, related to strengthening the immunity, dairy products will be useful for you again. Milk contains significant amounts of calcium which stimulates the proper growth and development of bones and makes them stronger and healthier. Regular calcium intake leads to prevention of diseases such as osteoporosis, better health of the skeletal system and strengthens the body’s immunity as a whole.
  • Normalization of the digestive system functions – the proper functioning of the digestive system plays a significant role in strengthening the body’s immunity. Consuming sufficient amounts of dairy products will help a lot in this aspect. The beneficial bacteria contained in dairy products improve the intestinal flora and prevent the formation of acids. In general, we can say that dairy products do not burden the stomach in any way and are even able to suppress momentary ailments such as pain, bloating, etc.
  • Improving the condition of the skin – one of the external manifestations of the “strengthening immunity” factor is the healthy and aesthetic appearance of the skin. Lactic acid has the ability to stimulate the removal of dead cells and their replacement with a new layer of smoother, tenderer and softer skin. Milk also contains other useful nutrients that will guarantee you the overall improvement of the condition of your skin in the long run.


Reasons to choose Lactima Balkan dairy products to boost immunity:

Founded in 1957, for decades LACTIMA EAD has been offering Bulgarian consumers quality dairy products ideal for maintaining a healthy diet. These products are currently available on the market under the Lactima Balkan brand. Here are some good reasons to choose Lactima Balkan dairy products when striving for a healthy diet:

  • High-quality raw materials – in order for your healthy eating regimen to be truly effective, it needs to include food products for the production of which high-quality raw materials are used. Such are the dairy products of the Lactima Balkan brand. We only work with proven suppliers of raw milk whose activities fully meet the latest and strictest European standards in the industry.
  • Without stabilizers and preservatives – products containing stabilizers, preservatives and other similar substances with unclear effects have no place in your healthy diet. Not only are they not a source of healthy eating, but they could also have a negative effect on your body and organism. Lactima Balkan dairy products do not contain any stabilizers or preservatives – only useful nutrients, beneficial bacteria and masterful starter culture (where needed).
  • Safe commercial packaging – in order for a product to retain the quality and characteristics that make it suitable for your healthy eating regime, it must be marketed in safe commercial packaging protected from the environment. The packaging of Lactima Balkan dairy products is made in accordance with the latest standards and requirements. You can be absolutely sure that Lactima Balkan dairy products do not violate their refrigeration mode in any way on the way from the production workshop to the respective retail outlets, and will arrive to you in the perfect condition for your healthy eating.

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